What We Offer

A purple banner with the SSTO logo that reads "offerings". Behind is a collage comprised of photos from past Cycle Toronto events.

An initiative funded by the City of Toronto, we offer the following services through out StreetSmartsTO initiative: 

  • Cycling Workshops: Free to the public throughout the year, including workshops like Cycling 101, Family Biking, Biking in all Weather Conditions, to name a few. To see the full list of workshops, check out our workshops page.
  • Community Rides: We collaborate with you to create an engaging ride that embraces cycling in your community. To learn more, check out our community rides page.
  • Bike Engagement Stations: Our popular pop-up bike safety stations are stationed throughout the spring, summer, and fall. We provide basic safety checks, free lights in the fall, updated cycling maps, and talk to people about what we’re up to. We aim to host these stations in every ward of the city. To keep track of our bike engagement stations, check out our events page.
  • Education Videos: Developed in 2021, our cycling education videos feature bike maintenance and road rules videos that teach and inform cyclists about basic skills and cycling etiquette. These videos are also available in different languages. For more information, check out our education videos page here.

A purple banner featuring our SSTO logo that reads "Collaborate with us" in front of a photo of the Shaw St contraflow.

How to collaborate with us:

  • If you are a representative from a Councillor's office, or a representative from the Toronto Public Library, you can book workshops with us free of cost. To inquire about booking workshops, bike safety stations, or community rides, contact us by filling out the form on the right
  • We're always looking to collaborate with local community groups, farmers markets, and various events popping up across the city; if you are interested in having a Cycle Toronto Bike Engagement Station or a Fall GET LIT! Station, contact us by filling out the form on the right

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